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Inpatient Acupuncture Care with Marcy Julius (Gordon)


A little over a year ago, I interviewed for an Acupuncture Fellowship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital. Little did I know how much I would grow as a healthcare

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome & Acupuncture


At both my New York and Connecticut offices, my staff and I treat a sizable number of Polycystic women. We receive an average of 3-5 new call inquiries a week

Skip the Plastic Surgeon: Cosmetic Acupuncture


Hi I’m Marcy, the latest addition to Acupuncture RemediesTM. I come to AR with 2 years of experience under my belt treating a gamut of illnesses and disorders. Today I

Chinese Herbal Wisdom 101


An important modality used by Chinese medicine practitioners for thousands of years, Chinese herbal therapy can be a highly effective and safe way to enhance and extend the effects of

Your Child & Acupuncture — Yes, it’s Possible


People all over the world now look to acupuncture when they have a difficult issue to fix. However, it is far less common in the Western world to consider using

Helping With Postpartum Depression & the Post Baby Blues


For many women, giving birth is an incredible, life-changing experience that can trigger many emotions—a lot of them being positive. However, for many women childbirth also comes with very powerful

Acupuncture May Be The Antidote for Allergies


It’s that time of year. When the spring season brings back the abundance of blooms and the pollen count skyrockets, bringing back those incessant trips to the medicine aisle at

Stress & Acupuncture


Stress is a normal and inevitable part of life, and a large contributing factor to infertility. It keeps us in this very “high-alert” phase, which allows us to keep busy

Top 5: The NYC Women You Should Know Who Are Winning the Health & Wellness Game


Just a few days out from International Women’s Day and in celebration of Women’s National History Month, we only felt it was right to acknowledge some of the women who

3 Relaxing Ways to Put Self-Love on Top


Valentine’s Day (whether you’re single or taken) is often one full of stress, anticipation, and maybe some chocolate and flowers. For some people, it’s just the 14th of February, and