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Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and TCM


Urinary Tract Infections (or “UTIs”) are bacterial infections that most commonly affect the urethra or the bladder. These infections can also occur further up the urinary tract in the ureters

Snow shoveling injury? You’re not alone.


Almost 12,000 people are treated for snow shoveling injuries each year.   In 2011 the American Journal of Emergency Medicine reported that U.S. hospitals treat on average 11,500 injuries and

Small Business Saturday


Iris, Kim and Ira would like to thank all of our current (and future) patients for supporting our small business. [su_spacer size=”10″] Manhattan can be tough on small businesses, but

4 Myths About Acupuncture


Here are four common myths about acupuncture and the facts behind them: Myth 1: Acupuncture is ancient folk medicine; no legitimate healthcare professional would recommend it Acupuncture is a treatment