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I’m here for back pain, but I think I have a cold…can you do anything for that?


Is it a cold? Do you suffer from chronic allergies? Or is this the first time you have ever been affected by them? You might be the guy (or gal) who never

The importance of sleep and digestion


  From a Chinese Medicine point of view sleep and digestion are the most important things in regards to your health.   A good nights sleep and smooth digestion can

Postpartum thyroiditis.. aka “the baby blahs”


Fatigue, anxiousness, weight gain… just some of the perks of becoming a new mom, right? Much has been said about postpartum blues, but have you ever thought you just had

Get ready to run the NYC Marathon in 2013 – or Not!


Next month is one of the Big Apple’s most exciting yearly events; the NYC Marathon. Last year this amazing event was cancelled last minute due to the unfortunate events in