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Stress & Acupuncture


Stress is a normal and inevitable part of life, and a large contributing factor to infertility. It keeps us in this very “high-alert” phase, which allows us to keep busy

Top 5: The NYC Women You Should Know Who Are Winning the Health & Wellness Game


Just a few days out from International Women’s Day and in celebration of Women’s National History Month, we only felt it was right to acknowledge some of the women who

3 Relaxing Ways to Put Self-Love on Top


Valentine’s Day (whether you’re single or taken) is often one full of stress, anticipation, and maybe some chocolate and flowers. For some people, it’s just the 14th of February, and

His and Hers: Treating Infertility with Acupuncture


When it comes to infertility women are often to blame for the inability to conceive. In reality, men (about 35% – 40%) suffer from infertility issues almost as frequently as

Top 10 Most Nutrient Dense Foods


Many thanks to Christine & Stephanie for sharing their healthy-living nutritional tips with us! Check out below for some insight on some healthy eats! Rather than just focusing on what

5 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Cold Weather Season


Seasonal changes affect the body’s environment. With wind, rain, and snow come the cold and flu viruses, which are often accompanied with aches and pains. So guard yourself this season

Night of Hope: Supporting


Was an honor to be able to attend Resolve’s ‘Night of Hope’. Not every person or couple is fortunate to conceive naturally on their own. offers a vast online support

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How Acupuncture Can Help


This week, New Hope Fertility Center featured the post below, from acupuncturist Iris Netzer discussing Breast Cancer Awareness Month and how acupuncture can help both fertility and cancer treatments. In 2015,

The Download: Our Top 5 Picks for Health & Wellness Apps


We hope that health and wellness is often top of mind when it comes to your daily routine, but we know how hard that can be with busy lives, children,

Redefining Health & Wellness: Experts from NYC


We recently read an article about the health & wellness landscape, specifically in New York, and how things were evolving in the space. This Refinery29 Article really shed some light on the