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Acupuncture: The Perfect Summertime Solution To Your Most Common Ailments
How Acupuncture is the Perfect Summertime Remedy

How Acupuncture is the Perfect Summertime Remedy

As you enjoy a fun summer vacation lounging on the beach or camping in the woods with your family, you may experience a series of imbalances due to high activity levels and lack of sleep. When that happens, you will encounter symptoms such as agitation, heartburn, nervousness, and insomnia, among others. To counter this seasonal lack of balance, TCM often resorts to acupuncture to restore your body’s optimal wellness levels.

From the healers at Acupuncture Remedies of NY, we’re thrilled to share how acupuncture can help with common health complaints during the summer.


Are you constantly sneezing and having itchy eyes? The increased pollen levels present throughout the summer months often cause our immune systems to react. You may turn to antihistamines for relief; however, acupuncture can help stimulate the lymphatic system without the side effects that may occur with medication.

Pain Relief

Acupuncture can stimulate blood flow and heal the entire body, especially the sore areas. During the summer, you might take every opportunity to travel and explore different places, which could leave you feeling worn out. You may be encouraged to engage in activities that you normally don’t do during any other time of the year, such as jet skiing or hiking. To continue making the most out of each day, don’t forget to schedule regular acupuncture treatments.

Skin Rashes

Heat rashes, bug bites, or sunburns, can make summers unbearable. You don’t have to suffer any longer because acupuncture can help with those ailments. By stimulating the lymphatic system, it enhances blood flow and allows toxins (e.g., mosquitos or poison ivy) to be released from the skin. 


If your sleep schedule is unpredictable in the summer months, you may be dealing with insomnia. As the days get longer, you are most likely filling your time with outdoor activities. Acupuncture can target mind and body disturbances and increase energy flow to balance your sleep patterns. Maintain great sleeping habits for a fulfilling summer!

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