We are located at 201 East 56th Street, New York. Please call (212) 991-8680 or send us an email info@aprpc.com

About Us

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“Our philosophy is to improve total well-being through personalized patient care.”

Our Approach

We’ll walk you through an initial assessment before providing our honest opinion on the best options for you, based on your needs.

Our welcoming environment means you can ask questions about your health and well-being in a safe, comfortable space.

Our top priority is your relaxation. We want you to walk out after your session feeling better than when you walked in!

Our care team

Iris Netzer-Greenfield, L.Ac. / D.O.M. / Chinese Herbalist, Founder

I’m Iris. I’ve been practicing acupuncture for over 20+ years. My training has involved working with men and women who have found a new balance through Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Since I was little, I’ve always had a profound interest in the human body. The Eastern perspective of life-balance (yin/yang) resonates with me, in everything I do personally and professionally. At Acupuncture Remedies we offer female focused treatments, an eclectic mix of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Japanese-style treatments.  My healing approach is drawn from my education, clinical experience and intuition. I am also trained in Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT), a newly introduced powerful technique that provides the longest relief from allergy symptoms.

I’ve come a long way since my post graduate years. My ‘rags to riches’ story began in a converted utility closet. Thankfully, patients were understanding and paid no mind to its modest size. By virtue of hard work, my (then) simple practice has expanded to what is now a beautiful treatment center with a skillful team of healers who offer personalized care – an ideology that I/we safeguard! Our patients seek help with a wide range of acute and chronic ailments, including pain management, digestive disorders, migraines and display continued signs of improvement through customized treatment plans. Our scope also includes modalities such as Cupping, Moxa, and Gua Zha. My team and I understand that, for many, acupuncture is a new concept. We welcome veterans, newcomers, traditional and non-traditional families.

I hold a Masters of Science degree in Oriental Medicine from Samra University in Los Angeles. I am licensed by the State(s) of California, New York and Connecticut. When I’m not in Manhattan, I maintain office hours closer to home. Noa Health & Acupuncture in Westport, Connecticut is the sister practice to Acupuncture Remedies and I also have an office in Ridgefield, CT .

I look forward to working with you.


Iris M. Netzer-Greenfield M.S, L.Ac.

Kim Schwartz-Finkelstein, L.AC., MSTOM, and Chinese Herbalist

I’m Kim. I have committed myself to helping people achieve optimum health through Chinese Medicine for over a decade. I hold a Masters of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) from Pacific College in New York City. I am licensed in Acupuncture and I am also board-certified in Chinese herbal medicine.

My method of practice is based on the most essential belief in Chinese Medicine; restoration of the balance between body and mind is the key to wellness. Drawing on various styles of acupuncture (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) and other holistic modalities, I create individualized treatments that are designed specifically for each person. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle recommendations are combined to enhance your treatment and speed healing.
I work with a variety of conditions, including women’s issues, (fertility, PCOS, menstrual irregularities, menopausal symptoms) pain management, addictive disorders, (smoking cessation, weight issues) migraines, insomnia, stress reduction, and allergies. I’m one of the few acupuncturists qualified in pediatric acupuncture, so one may assume that I’m gentle, which I am. Iris and I have been working together over 10-years. Together along with Iris, Karen and Aaron we are committed to continuing a tradition of excellence and to helping each patient individually to achieve optimum results.

Karen Grzelewski, D.Ac, L.Ac.

I’m Karen. Before becoming a healer I worked in print and television news producing, reporting and designing various reports. All that hard work led to an injury that was resistant to any remedy western medicine could provide and it seemed as though surgery might be the only option left. My chiropractor suggested I try acupuncture and referred me to someone she knew. I went not expecting anything and within 3 visits…no more pain.

I was so taken with this medicine that I decided to study it and so, here I am with one goal in mind…to help you feel amazing. Lifestyle counseling, reproductive health, stress management and pain relief are the focus of my practice.

I hold a Masters of Science in Acupuncture from Pacific College in New York and a certificate in Intrapersonal Counseling Psychology from Sophia University in Palo Alto, CA. I am licensed to practice acupuncture in New York and New Jersey. My Doctorate in Acupuncture was conferred in August 2021. I enjoy serving this community and working alongside this wonderful team of amazing healers.

Aaron Miller, MSAC, L.AC

I’m Aaron. I believe that the best medicine meets the patient where they are. I continue to be amazed by how effective acupuncture is at regulating the nervous system and breaking cycles of pathology and discomfort.

I first became curious about anatomy through my study of Pilates and functional movement at the Kane School here in New York City. Much like Pilates (or other mindful movement practices like yoga, tai chi, etc.), I view acupuncture as a somatic experience as much as it is a therapeutic treatment. In other words, acupuncture is not just something that happens to you, but an interactive experience that helps unlock your body's natural ability to heal itself.

Chinese Medicine's frame of viewing the body as an integrated whole can be an incredibly powerful tool in addressing diverse patterns of disease and disharmony throughout the body. I have experience treating a variety of conditions including pain, anxiety, insomnia, infertility, digestive disorders, and more. My practice includes traditional acupuncture, as well as cupping, tui na, gua zha, e-stim, moxibustion, and ear seeds.

I hold a Master’s of Science in Acupuncture from Pacific College of Health and Science in New York. When I’m not practicing at Acupuncture Remedies, I enjoy riding my bike, listening to records, cooking, and meditating.

Ah Young ChAng , L.Ac./ Cosmetic Acupuncturist

I’m Ah Young, a dedicated practitioner of holistic healing and skincare. With a decade of experience as a licensed cosmetologist, I specialize in esthetics to help clients achieve their skincare goals using Korean style methods. The popular Gua Zha technique is something I regularly incorporate into my cosmetic treatments using special tools and organic ingredients. Alongside my expertise in beauty, I offer acupuncture treatments focused on addressing anxiety and women's health concerns, with a particular emphasis on cosmetic acupuncture for natural rejuvenation. Entwining both one's physical appearance and emotional state, is very rewarding to treat. If you're seeking a balanced approach to wellness and beauty, I'm here to guide you on your journey towards holistic health and self-care.