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An Acupuncture Guide to Relaxation
These past few months have no doubt brought their share of stress into our lives.

These past few months have no doubt brought their share of stress into our lives. Whether it is from schools closing down, having to transition your home into an office or simply missing friends and family it is important to take time to relieve this tension. This may seem like an overcomplicated and unrealistic thing to achieve at home but really it is simple. All you need to do to loosen up tension is incorporate these key acupressure points into your daily routine for destressing. 

Today I have outlined several of my favorites. The idea is to press and hold each point, on both sides of the body. It is important to do this at your comfort level and not overdo the pressure. Make sure to settle yourself down in a private and peaceful environment. Use steady pressure for about 60 seconds on each side and take slow, deep breaths while doing so. 

Each pressure point has different benefits such as boosting energy or relieving headaches. Try out all the points and see which benefit you best or focus in on one or two with benefits specific to your needs. No matter how you choose to engage them, simply taking some time out of your day to focus on your mental and physical health will have a positive impact.

BRAIN AKA “Nurture for the Noggin” LI-4​ (caution pregnancy) Web of thumb and pointer finger. Key master point, main energy center, head neck and shoulder release.

Benefits: regulates digestion. (90 seconds each side).

SELF CARE aka “Anxiety Alleviator” HT-7​ On the pinky side of the hand in a small depression just under the base of the wrist, press in, and up toward the hand. 

Benefits: Anxiety, calming, and soothing.

GUT HEALTH AKA the “The Paunch Promoter” PC-6 ​Center of the inside of the wrist, 3 finger-widths up from the base. 

Benefits: Emotional and physical stress, calming, promotes a healthy heart, nausea, stomach upset, and motion sickness.

ENERGY aka the “Energy Enacter” ST-36 ​(caution pregnancy) Outside of the lower border of the knee at the top of the anterior tibialis muscle. 

Benefits: Healthy digestion, from the beginning to end of the digestive tract, energy boost, supports regeneration.

FLOW aka “The Hormone Helper” SP-6​ (caution pregnancy) Center of the inner ankle, 3 fingers above ankle bone. 

Benefits: Triple yin crossing, calming, promotes healthy digestion, boosts metabolic processes, and regulates hormones.

IMMUNITY aka “No More Nerves” GB-21​ (caution pregnancy) Top of the upper trapezius along the ridge. 

Benefits: Promotes deep breathing, supports parasympathetic nervous systems, opens energy to the head, neck, also clears headaches.

DETOX aka “Ta Ta Toxins” LV-3 ​(caution pregnancy)​ ​In the web, top of the groove between the first and second toes. 

Benefits: Liver support, detox, immune system boost, relieves headaches, blurry eyes, twitching, stress, anger and frustration.

BEAUTY aka “Organ Aid” KD-3​ (caution pregnancy) Nestled against the inner ankle bone, between that and the achilles tendon. 

Benefits: Energy boost, supports regeneration, nourishes organs and body systems.

-Iris Netzer-Greenfield