Feng Shui useful during lockdown? (Covid 19)

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While Acupuncture is a form of energy medicine for our body, Feng Shui is energy medicine for our environment and our life. They go hand in hand, like Yin and Yang.

Feng Shui is an extension of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and can help most of us sleep better, connect with others in a deeper way, be more productive and creative, and find peace in our environment. Feng Shui is a fantastic way to create balance in our daily lives. 

With most of us laying low at home these days, this is not only a way to keep ourselves productive, but also brings immediate benefits to our well being; allowing us to move through your physical space (big or small) with greater ease. 

Clutter is a Qi blocker.  And as ONE who makes a career as an acupuncturist, one might assume that Feng Shui theory would ring true in my personal life.  Well, in theory yes, but in reality, I’m merely a shoe-less shoemaker.  

But not anymore!  

Staying productive is the only way to keep my sanity intact, especially during this trying time. I have committed myself to one project a day. And while there’s been some whining involved, I’ve enforced the same values onto my children (ages 11 and under).  Just as it attracts good energy onto the lives of grownups, Feng Shui creates a nourishing and supportive environment for kids, an atmosphere where they feel happy and successful.

So far I have tackled the kids’ closets, purging heaps of excess.  My girls and I have cleared off their desks, making their workstations more conducive to homeschooling.  

My son was assigned the kitchen, pulling out everything from the fridge, recycling and composting accordingly.  

I’m so proud of my little elves.

There’s more to do and tomorrow’s yet another day.  The mental benefits of this clearing is already palpable. 

Question for you, are you ready to let the wonder of Feng Shui unfold so that your Qi can flow?

-Iris Netzer-Greenfield



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