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Fertility massages for women

TuiNa is effective for treating women’s internal health imbalances

TuiNa is a form of Chinese massage that has been practiced for over 2000 years in China.  Many people think that massage is only helpful for pain or alleviating stress and tension, but this could not be further from the truth. TuiNa is extremely helpful for internal medical complaints , and here at Acupuncture Remedies™ we offer TuiNa massage to our patients due to its effectiveness for women’s health and especially for fertility. 

TuiNa massage can help to:

  • Regulate the menstrual cycle
  • Regulate ovulation
  • Increase circulation to the uterus
  • Balance the hormonal system
  • Relieve stress
  • Deepen sleep

TuiNa is a great addition to acupuncture in the treatment of most conditions and especially for fertility. They not only complement each other but they will enhance each others effects as well.  Acupuncture uses needles to improve the circulation of Qi and blood flow through the meridians, and TuiNa uses the same approach but different method of stimulation (hands, not needles) in helping to increase the circulation through the meridians and also stimulates the muscles, and tissues of the body more directly.

Patient case study
A few months ago a patient came into the office at Acupuncture RemediesTM seeking treatment for fertility. She had just recently suffered from a miscarriage and was very distraught and worried about her chances of conceiving. Her menstrual cycle was irregular and she had a constant sensation of fullness in her lower abdomen. I inserted the needles and let the patient rest for a half an hour. When I went to remove the needles the patient said half of the sensation in her abdomen was gone. I then continued to perform TuiNa massage to her belly. After five to ten minutes of massage she felt that the sensation in her lower abdomen was completely gone. After 3 treatments her menstrual cycle was regular. After continued treatment this patient was able to conceive.

– Ira Wahrman, Acupuncturist

Photo credit: Nick Webb on Flickr