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FORGIVENESS – by guest blogger Brooke Emery

In light of the Hebrew New Year and the reflective holiday Yom Kippur, I invited my friend and spirit-preneur Brooke Emery to lend us some of her insightful words and message.  This piece is not directly on topic with acupuncture, it does however provide wisdom and a perspective that all of us can rightfully benefit from.  Please read on and share with your friends and colleagues.


I remember hearing this word for years on this path and it almost felt numb to me like it didn’t make sense. How can you forgive people who have perpetrated certain awful things? I mean I was RIGHT about a lot of things and had a lot of judgment about how to be a good person. I remember feeling very hurt after a business venture didn’t work out. I had entered into this partnership with a friend and felt like I wasn’t being valued. I was infuriated and yet it didn’t feel good for me to terminate the friendship. I asked myself, was this a pattern? Where as soon as I get hurt, the offending party is sent to walk the PLANK? I knew there was a different answer, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

One of my favorite things to do is to walk around a bookstore and notice what jumped   out at me – like it’s an oracle. This one particular day, a book by Gary Renard called “Disappearance of the Universe” literally fell off the shelf into my lap. I instantly knew that was the book I was supposed to read. And to say this book is transformative in general is an understatement, but it spoke about the power of forgiveness and how it HELPS free you (your mind and your body) from a situation. It doesn’t mean it’s acceptable what that person did to you; but the key is to release it from yourself.




I always tell my children there is a reason why the word “give” is in the word  forgive. It doesn’t make it right, but it’s the gift we give ourselves.

Here is my theory:

I believe that when things come up that agitate me, aggravate me, cause me to be in judgment or are in need of forgiveness, those are opportunities for me to look within myself and forgive the mirror of what is going on inside of me. If you’re thinking, “What is this loony talking about?” Here’s a perfect anecdote.


One day, my 7-year-old daughter was acting extremely rude. It activated me so much and I was in complete judgment of her. I felt so angry that I had a child who would use this voice and irritate me to the point wanting to scream my head off.  After I calmed down (because I am human and humans mess up and can scream at their kids even though they shouldn’t blah blah blah…), I asked myself the question; what is the mirror? What do I need to forgive within myself?  Well I forgave the parts of myself that could be rude whether I was aware of it or not and the parts of me that I saw in my daughter and then I shined the light of God back at her. As my 7-year-old was lying in her bed that night, I went into her room and thanked her for the gift of what she showed me. She looked up at me with that cute little face I know and love and said, “Am I supposed to say you are welcome”. I smiled and said, “Yes”.


What else do I want to say about forgiveness?

Forgiveness is not just about forgiving others. It’s mainly about forgiving one’s self. We are so brutal to ourselves. That inner voice which is constantly telling us we are not doing it right, making us feel guilty, being angry, regretting, blaming, doubting and all the other distractions that keep us from being our higher selves. How do I know? Those voices are constantly trying to take the keys to the house.  Those voices are never going to go anywhere… they don’t magically disappear. At least I haven’t gone that far down the rabbit hole of spirituality yet… but maybe I will. But at this moment I am practicing constantly forgiving myself, and taking the keys back from the sub-letter called THE VOICE that tries to take us out.

According to the ancient Hawaiian Healing Method called “Ho’oponopono”, they believe that all of us are connected and that healing can be achieved by “cleaning” on all that comes up for us by saying these 4 simple phrases, “I love you. Thank you. Forgive me. I’m sorry.”

The Grateful Dead song “Unbroken Chain” says it best “forgiveness is the key to every door”.  May you have freedom from judgment of self and others so you can be connected to unlimited blessings. May you have the freedom to be human and spiritual at the same time. That is my wish for you.


Love and Forgiveness,

Brooke Emery


The Intuitive Connector/Strategic Coach


About Brooke:

Brooke supports sensitive multi-passionate ambivert women with connections, clarity, and business development, and overall guidance.  She has been referred to as a spiritual tour guide, a mystic, possibility strategist, strategic attraction coach, spirit-preneur, and super connector.  She has been written up in forbes.com for having a jellybean jar of people in her life and loves using her wide angled vision to create partnerships of possibility and prosperity for her clients.  Many best-selling authors in the self development/entrepreneur world have come to her for guidance and connections.  Brooke has been a guest blogger for  “The Daily Love” and “Soul Filled Life.”  She has taught manifestation workshops at Exhale Spa and online workshops to many to help people remember their arrival.  (No more spiritual journey –we just have to remember we have arrived).  She is the founder of The Pixie Mastermind (an online coaching membership program starting in 2016), Divinely Guided retreats,