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Redefining Health & Wellness: Experts from NYC

We recently read an article about the health & wellness landscape, specifically in New York, and how things were evolving in the space. This Refinery29 Article really shed some light on the endless possibilities on how to live a healthy life, and the awesome women who are doing good work to promote a stress-free life.


There’s lots to be said about the current fads of juicing, cayenne pepper diets, and high intensity interval training, but the fact of the matter is, while these fads have ways of maintaining day to day health (some more extreme than others) and come and go, it’s important to look at health from a long-term perspective. From eating well, to alternative medicine and herbal science, there are certainly different options for those looking to incorporate health living in ways that provide longevity.

We love that women are at the forefront of providing awesome solutions to those who are health & wellness conscious, especially in a place like New York where the not-so-healthy options are often in abundance and stresses seem to be never-ending.

Whether you’re skeptical or just looking to try something new so that you can tell your colleagues and friends, we certainly encourage you to look into redefining health in your own lives.