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Eating Mindfully

Meal times should be a time to relax your mind and focus on eating, especially proper chewing and digestion.  

Living in these modern times we often neglect the most important things that our bodies need.  We eat on the run, or we eat watching television, on our smartphones, reading and the list can go on. Most people think that digestion starts in the stomach.  This is not true.  Digestion starts in your mouth.  Chewing is one of the keys to proper digestion.  The more that we can break down our food before swallowing the less work we will give our stomachs.  Chew your food well before you swallow.  Your stomach will thank you.

“Drink your food and chew your drink”  – Mahatma Gandhi

From Ira’s blog: http://www.acupuncturewithira.com/food-is-meant-to-chewed-not-inhaled/