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End of Summer Countdown: 5 Ways to Destress Before the Kids Go Back2School

End of Summer Countdown: 5 Ways to Destress Before the Kids go back to School

We know it’s been a long and busy summer, especially if the kids didn’t go to camp this year, so we want to make sure you’re not feeling “end of summer” burnout, because we’ve got to be re-energized for the start of the school year!

Whether you’re planning the last minute quick family getaway or shopping 6 hours a day for those back to school sales, we’ve got some great tips to keep you calm, cool, collected…and relaxed. We know you need it!

1. Walk it out
Sneak 15-20 minutes to step outside and enjoy the summer weather—all to yourself. A nice walk will allow you to clear your head and feel rejuvenated. Not to mention, a little exercise is a great way to de-stress and have that moment to step away from it all.

2. Just Breathe
If you’re a yogi, then having a breathing technique is super key. Take a few moments to just focus on your breathing. There’s something so calming about sitting in a comfortable position, closing your eyes, and just…breathing. This is your moment to escape. So take it!

3. Acupuncture
This may be a new go-to for some of you, but we can’t talk enough about how those tiny little painless needles have a way of not only relaxing us, but keeping those “fight or flight” responses at bay. Acupuncture targets those stress hormones (ACTH and cortisol) and lowers them so we feel like we can handle more stressful situations with ease. We all get caught up in the every day lives of our kids so maybe talk to a doctor to see how acupuncture can help you.

4. Write it out
I know it may be hard to find the time but any form of creative expression is an awesome go-to for stressful situation. Whether you’re journaling everyday or you’re noting down all of the awesome moments you and your kids had together, write it down and save to read later for a daily dose of happy. If you’d rather use these moments to vent, write down those negative feelings, crumple the paper into a ball and throw it away—or burn it if you need a little more drama 

5. Eat. Sleep. Drink (water)
A healthy routine is a great way to keep those stress levels to a minimum and really focus on happy moments. Prepare healthy means for yourself and the kids, drink tons of water to eliminate toxins, and get a good amount of sleep. It’s a good time to set up those play dates and sleepovers so you can clock in those 7-8 hours.

Happy End of Summer!