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Balancing an overstimulated nervous system.


The physical and mental relaxation benefits of soaking your feet before bed.   Too much sensory stimulation through technology and our fast pace of living tends to over work the nervous

Fertility massages for women


TuiNa is effective for treating women’s internal health imbalances TuiNa is a form of Chinese massage that has been practiced for over 2000 years in China.  Many people think that massage is only

Wash your feet for a good night’s sleep


In Chinese medicine the feet are viewed as the roots of the body. The energy in the lower half of the body should be warm and dense while the the upper body should

Tuina acupressure massage now available


(source) Acupuncture Remedies™ is delighted to announce that appointments are now available with Ira Wahrman for Tuina acupressure massages. Tuina maneuvers the same meridians as acupuncture but instead of using

Small Business Saturday


Iris, Kim and Ira would like to thank all of our current (and future) patients for supporting our small business.   Manhattan can be tough on small businesses, but with

How many acupuncture treatments does it take?


(source) Patients always ask this question “How often should I come for treatment?” – Acupuncturist Ira Wahrman answers your questions about acupuncture ‘dosage’. How many treatments will I need? It

The importance of sleep and digestion


  From a Chinese Medicine point of view sleep and digestion are the most important things in regards to your health.   A good nights sleep and smooth digestion can

Ira’s visit to China


A message from our acupuncturist Ira Wahrman – I just got back from my six week trip to Beijing where I am a student of a senior doctor at Tong